MEN, Men, men

So many men, it really is a wonder I keep track of them all.  You’d think that with this many guys buzzing about I’d be getting laid, but no.  They come, they go. None of them stick around long enough for that.

So the TALL man followed up his next day text with an email.  He was trying so hard.  I waited until the next day (not because I was having second thoughts but because I’m a wimp about these things) and then sent him a, “you’re great but not for me” email.
Bachelor #2 seems to have drifted off.  We exchanged some more emails but it was all rather lackluster.  As he still hasn’t asked about another date I’m assuming he’s out of the picture.
The guy I had coffee with on Saturday contacted me today to ask if I’d like to get together again. I replied yes. We had a good time. Hmm, he’s going to need a nickname.  He’s one of those very NYC guys (his parents live right here in Manhattan) who did a bunch of random things for a living before falling into the production end of the entertainment industry.  It’s NYC.  It happens to a lot of folks.  I guess I’ll call him the Freelancer, as that is one of the things he likes best about his job (it seems).
Meanwhile, the guy who sent that really cheeky message to my personals account has come back into play.  He sent me a message the other day saying he’d been waiting to hear back from me, anxiously.  The stupid online personals service ( – they really suck sometimes) dropped my message.  We’ve been exchanging emails for the last day or so and it’s been very flirty and fun.  He hasn’t asked me out yet, but I expect that to happen soon. I expect I’ll say yes unless he does or says something bizarre.
There’s another new guy in the hopper.  Someone who contacted me online last week.  I can’t tell if he’s very serious or just very clumsy and uncomfortable with with whole online dating thing.  We’re going to meet for a drink this week. I’ll keep you posted.
Oh, and Cheryl is going to set me up with that friend/ex of hers who lives in NY.  That’s right readers, you have the opportunity to have an influence on my dating life.  Feel free to suggest your very own set-ups.  Clearly, I’m not shy.
Really – that’s a lot of guys for a girl who hasn’t gotten laid in ages.

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