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Crappy Update

Early this morning I received an email from my fuckbuddy.  The thing he’s working on now is going to run until midnight tonight instead of 7ish as he had originally thought.  I’m not mad. Disappointed but not mad.  This is not the first time this has happened with him and I know better than to count on him keeping plans unless they’re made a couple of hours before we’re planning to get together.  We’ll try for another time soon.

So I’m using the time to take some advice given to me by a friendly blogger.  I’ve been aware of tags for awhile but that’s just one more thing I didn’t fully understand.  But I just read something that said that Blogger labels will ping as Technorati tags so I went back and tagged my last 20 posts.  The next time I have time to kill (like at work tomorrow) I’ll go back and hit the rest of them.
So sorry, no steamy tales of tonight’s tryst. You weren’t going to get them anyway.